Do These Maths & English Courses Suit Year 11’s?

Year 11 can be a very stressful time in your child’s life. Meeting every week, for just two hours, could mean the difference between success and failure in their all important Maths & English exams.

At Expert Solihull Tutors, we like to make teaching fun, it’s a time to learn, yes, but also to meet and interact with peers, whilst at the same time enhancing knowledge & confidence.

During the Course, as pupils learn to think creatively & master new skills, exam fears will decrease along with stress levels. Year 11 pupils will begin to view their GCSE exams as a challenge, to gain the grades they are truly capable of!

Our own Year 11 ‘express booster’ sessions (open to our pupils, past & present) just before the exams, will be an excellent way to condense subject  knowledge & skills into memorable chunks, so that pupils won’t feel overwhelmed either.

Will The Sessions Overwhelm My Year 11 Child With Homework?

Our tuition sessions aim to be comprehensive, and, as such, homework should not be needed to embed knowledge and skills.

However, if a child needs extra support, this will be advised and, in such circumstances, homework will be set and feedback given.

Children should feel confident and not overburdened by study; we would not want to add to the heavy homework load that many Year 11’s already carry.

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