Is the GCSE Tuition Course Suitable for Year 10’s?

Yes. In fact, I would say this Course would be most advantageous precisely for Year 10 pupils!

Regarding the English Specification

To complete an in depth study of both the English Language and the English Literature exams in Year 10, would enhance a Year 10’s English skills & talents quickly & efficiently; their confidence in English would also increase exponentially.

Your child’s improved literacy and language skills, plus their increased confidence & knowledge would also inform & filter through to other written based subjects such as History & RE.

Regarding Maths & English

In addition, a Year 10 pupil who has studied our Maths & English Tuition Courses would have the skills to  ‘soak’ up their Year 11 school lessons with ease, nurturing their skills; they would also be ‘steps ahead’ of many Year 11 peers.

From a parental point of view, studying for the English and Maths exams takes great pressure off a child before they enter Year 11.

Your child’s important Year 10 mock exam results would also be enhanced, ensuring your child’s place in the best school sets/classes for Year 11; the importance of a child’s class placement for Year 11 cannot be over emphasised.

Won’t Year 10’s Forget What They’ve Learnt?

This shouldn’t be the case. Succinct notes will be handed out to pupils from the sessions they’ve studied on our Course; these notes will embed subject knowledge & skills.

Also, our character & theme quote sheets for English Literature texts will be handed out during sessions, together with poetry analysis tips & quotes, making revision easy when their time comes.

During Year 11, the pupil’s school studies will reinforce their knowledge & nurture skills, rather than make them forget what they have learned.

Then, when they are near their exam, our Expert Solihull Tutors Year 11 ‘express booster’ sessions (open to our pupils, past & present) will help to condense knowledge into memorable chunks so that pupils won’t feel overwhelmed.


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