“Thank you Geraldine and Norman from Expert Tutors, for helping my son achieve Level 7 in both Maths and English GCSE in June 17! I am thrilled with his results. My son will now study Maths A Level.” Katie, Birmingham


“Thank you Geraldine from Expert Tutors, for helping my son to move from a Level 2/3 to a 6 in English (in just 2 months), he is now in top set. Thanks for all the extra help you gave him and all the extra effort you put in, it has paid off.

UPDATE August 2018-We are thrilled that my son achieved a Level 7 in Maths and English Literature in his recent GCSE’s. He also achieved a 6 in English Language-He will now be studying A Level Maths in 6th Form. Thank you for all your hard work Norman and Geraldine.” Marie, Birmingham.


“Thank you Norman, from Expert Tutors, for helping my son to obtain grade A in A-levels Maths and gain admission into a good University. This would never have been possible without your encouragement and dedication. You always go the extra mile to help your students.” Kelly, Birmingham


Pupil Testimonial-“I lacked confidence in English and even moreso in Maths. However, I started the tutor sessions every week and my confidence grew. However, I was amazed to get GCSE Level 9 in English Literature and a 6 in my English Language. I also achieved a Level 6 in Maths which was great for .e. Thank you so much.” (now studying English A Level).



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