PLEASE NOTE: Academic Year 2018-2019-we are JUST offering one-to-one tuition GCSE, SATS, 11+ etc at home. Please call Norman on 07743-494-865 or email Norman at (includes SATS boosters, 11+, GCSE Maths, A Level Maths-Further & Higher)

SATS BoostersTuition for Year 6

Year 6 SATS are in principle a benchmarking exercise to identify whether children have progressed as expected since their SATS in Year 2. SATS are also important tests because secondary schools use SATS results to make decisions about where to ‘set’ a child for core subject n Year 7 (though secondary schools often conduct their own in-house tests to double check the accuracy of SATS scores). SATS scores are used to ‘predict’ the final GCSE success of your child in secondary school algorithms.

Everyone knows that SATS testing is a stressful time for your child. In 2016, the SATS tests became even more rigorous and a new SATS grading and marking system were put in place.

Bearing this in mind and because Year 6 are so young, your child may need extra support at this crucial time in their lives.

At Expert Solihull Tutors, we provide SATS booster lessons once a week (term time) in Maths, Reading and SPAG to help children achieve their full potential in the SATS exams.

If you want your child to feel confident when it comes to their SATS and if you want your child to transition academically primary to secondary education, then Expert Solihull Tutors can help.

Just contact Norman on  or show up to one of our sessions-you will be most welcome.

We meet in the Upper Room, St Thomas More’s Parish Centre, Horse Shoes Lane-every Tuesday between 5pm-7pm-term times only. Cost is £25 for 2 hours-small groups only.

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