gcseenglishtuitionThis is an informative article, from the English & Media Centre, summarising Gove’s English GCSE changes:

Key Features include:

  • New numerical grading of exams from Levels 1-9.
  • English exams will be just ‘English Language’ and ‘English Literature’.
  • The English Literature element isn’t compulsory but if pupils study Literature, their highest English Level will be ‘double weighted’.
  • Both exams are linear, they are assessed by exam only: no more coursework.

English Language

  • There are no set texts but pupils are expected to read ‘a wide range of texts’.
  • Reading is broken down into: critical reading and comprehension; summary and synthesis; evaluation of a writer’s choice of vocabulary, form and structural features.
  • Writing is broken down into: producing clear and coherent text; writing for impact.
  • English language marks will be double weighted (if taken with the literature exam) in the Progress 8 stats.
  • 20% of the marks are allocated to spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG).

English Literature

  • The emphasis will be on ‘classic literature’ and ‘substantial whole texts in detail’. Students will study: Shakespeare; 19th Century Novel; selection of poetry since 1789, including romantic poetry; fiction or drama from the British Isles from 1914 onwards.
  • The exam will include unseen texts.
  • 5% of the marks are allocated to spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG)

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