mathstutorNorman Harding Tutor Profile-Norman Harding has over twenty years of successful maths tutoring experience under his belt; he has tutored scores of successful Maths GCSE and A Level students, supporting them to grade A/9 and beyond!

A Personal Note from Norman:

I enjoy teaching Maths and I particularly enjoy teaching mathematical principles by using real-life scenarios related to mathematical models. I believe that learning should be personalised and that students should be encouraged to mature as they learn, learning to make positive choices about their own learning and progression.

An important aspect of my teaching has been to encourage pupils to claim ownership of their learning; to that end, I am skilled at finding the most appropriate learning experience and format for each pupil.

The Maths specification exam offers greater challenges for students (such as extended question formats) which means exam techniques & preparation are a ‘must’ for students so that they can achieve the best level they are capable of.

For Maths tuition-GCSE and A Level-Further and Higher-ring Norman on 07743-494-865

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