Note-Due to family illness, our English Tutor is not available for tutoring-this page will be updated when she is next available. Thank you.

Tutor Profile-AQA English Language/Literature Specialist

Geraldine has taught English for over 10 years within the secondary school sector. She enjoys tutoring because of the opportunity it gives her to create bespoke English lessons, focusing on the needs of pupils.

Geraldine finds it easy to develop rapport with pupils, assisting them to learn English language skills which then lead to enhanced competence in their English literature studies.

A Personal Note from Geraldine Rose

There is a saying, ‘confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence’. Many pupils lack confidence in English and, in my opinion, confidence building is essential for GCSE English success: small group tuition is fertile soil for confidence to flourish because other students see how they are all in the same boat, learning together and can celebrate each other’s successes.

The new GCSE English Language and Literature specifications can be challenging. For many older GCSE students, they are learning the skills for the first time and, initially, it can be painful. However, soon confidence grows and suddenly what seemed hard at first becomes easy.

Note-It is important that students attend all/most sessions as each session builds on the other, this mirrors the new AQA exam questions that build on each other sequentially.

I believe that it is possible to learn the skills to answer the new exam questions in the depth and detail needed to attain the higher levels-6 and above. These skills can catapult, in conjunction with a child’s own commitment and hard work, a child’s grades beyond their classroom levels.

My goal is to work with pupils to achieve their best English grades.

Students need to learn to push any ‘average’ answers into higher grade territory!

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