The 11+ (Eleven Plus) Exam

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eleven plus exam west midlandsLast year, Theresa May announced that the Government would plough up to £50 million a year into expanding grammar schools.

The Eleven Plus exam is taken by pupils in Year 6, the final year of their primary school who are looking to gain a state funded grammar school place. Most students though, are just 10 years old when they sit the exam.

The qualification  rates for the  Eleven Plus Exam vary widely across the country. A useful table for Birmingham grammar schools can be found here :

Many hundreds or even thousands apply for as little as 160 places in some West Midland schools.

There are just four exam sections and applicants need to be fluent in all four:  verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Maths and English. The reasoning section can  be particularly challenging where applicants have to mentally rearrange shapes, break codes and tackle other tough questions.

Grammar schools are a route to a high quality education without the cost of paying private school fees.

West Midland school Eleven Plus pass marks

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