*Two hours SATS booster lessons for just £25!
*Two hours GCSE Maths & English (AQA) tuition.
*All tuition is within a small, personalised group setting.
*Only £25 per session; that’s 2 hours tuition for £25!
*Every Tuesday 5-7pm-term times only
*Focusing on test papers & examination techniques.
*Sessions enhance & reinforce knowledge.
*All tutors have full DBS (Police Check) verification which is available on request.

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Academic Year 2017-2018-1st session will be on Tuesday 9th Oct from 5-7pm. Please call Norman on 07743-494-865 or email him at n_h1111@hotmail.com to book. Just £25 for 2 hours of Maths & English & SATS Booster Tuition-small groups only. Also, 1-2-1 home tuition is available-call Norman on

*NOTE:TUTORING SESSIONS FOR THE 2017-18 ACADEMIC YEAR BEGIN WED 4TH OCTOBER 2017* GCSE Course Info: *Two hours of Maths & English GCSE tuition within a small, personalised group setting, comprising 1 hour intensive GCSE English Language/Literature tuition & 1 intensive hour of GCSE Maths tui

Is it worth paying £35 an hour for a private tutor? How to get top marks from your child’s tutor… Government plans to boost the number of grammar schools in the UK are likely to spark a boom in private tutoring as parents seek help in preparing children for the 11-plus exam. To read the

This is an informative article, from the English & Media Centre, summarising Gove’s English GCSE changes: Key Features include: New numerical grading of exams from Levels 1-9. English exams will be just ‘English Language’ and ‘English Literature’. The English Literature element isn

In Praise of Group Work

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In this article, English and Media Centre co-director, Andrew McCallum, waxes lyrical about why group work is so important to the successful study of English. “The promotion of group work as a useful approach to learning comes from sound research. As well as indicating that group work is a val

In this article, Nick Morrison, at The Times, states that…”For some parents, peer pressure is a factor. With so many hiring a tutor, the concern that neglecting to do so could leave your child at a disadvantage can be a powerful motivator…” Though this article was written in

New figures in the UK, for October 2015, show that 25% of children, that’s one in four, rising to 50% in London, have received private tuition either currently or in the past. The following article, from The Independent,  reveals why tutoring can prove to be…”a transformational ed

In this Daily Mail article, a ‘tiger mom’ admits spending £2000 a month on tutors for her 8 year old son! In the article, mom, Maddy Gittins acknowledged: “I planned every minute of his life for nine months, but it’s just nine months and now he is set. Every considerate pare

The 11+ (Eleven Plus) Exam

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Last year, Theresa May announced that the Government would plough up to £50 million a year into expanding grammar schools. The Eleven Plus exam is taken by pupils in Year 6, the final year of their primary school who are looking to gain a state funded grammar school place. Most students though, are

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