An Overview of the English Tutoring Course

Our English Course is based primarily on AQA’s English Language/Literature new specification.

The Course will focus on detailed study of the new Language and Literature exams.

The Course will also include exam techniques and exam timing techniques (through exam revision days) which are necessary to ensure the highest levels.

English Exam Study Timetable

The first paper we’ll be studying on the Course will be the English Language exam; higher grade English language skills need to be firmly in place, or reinforced, before tackling the Literature exam.

Studying Format

We will be studying the exams, from English Language Paper I onwards.

The new specification is specifically designed to build on the previous question’s knowledge and skills.

The Importance of Attending All Sessions

Please note: As we will be studying the exam questions sequentially, it is extremely important for pupils to attend each tuition session.

This is because there won’t be enough time (apart from Year 11’s revision and exam timing sessions before the exams) to cover missed questions.

How Long Will the English Course Last?

Each child has different educational needs & they study at their own pace.

However, to study both exams, the Language and the Literature exams, I would aim for 10-12 sessions for the English Language exam and 18-20 sessions for the extensive English Literature exam.

This would equate to paying just £375 for English and £375 for Maths.

This figure should be placed into the perspective of future career opportunities and the time taken to do resits (taking away from College courses study time).

It is a small price to pay for exam success, especially as English (with the Literature component) and Maths are now double weighted exams for the Progress 8 total marks your child achieves at the end of their GCSE’s.

Kind Regards,

Geraldine Rose –English Tutor

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